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A Thought Revolution

Revolution is a term that evokes a reaction.  Our own revolution that secured our independence from the tyranny of King George is a somewhat distant or even nostalgic memory for most of us.  More likely, when we think of revolution, we see it in terms of the more violent revolutions of the last century.  The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was messy.  Castro’s revolt in Cuba was equally bloody.  Other more recent revolutions that reflected higher ideals than these did not come without a high cost either.  The Civil Rights movement in the U.S., though initially and fundamentally a quiet and
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Devaluing Others in Conflict

Posted previously at Price Associates I’ve written previously in Pushing Back Entropy about my personal contention that devaluation of others always precedes conflict in the form of direct or indirect attack.  Listening to Ron Price explain axiology this morning, that process became a bit clearer for me.  So adding to what I’ve said previously, let me try to explain the process of moving toward conflict through the lens of axiology. Axiology, the brain child of Robert Hartman, forms a significant piece of the TTI TrimetrixHD™ assessment that we use with clients.  Axiology is a way of objectifying value, the goodness
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