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The Cost of Leadership Invalidation

Leadership is hard work. As Peter Drucker said, it’s not about personality traits or charisma, but about putting in the effort to actually do the work of leadership for the sake of others. Getting the work of leadership done is always taxing. But adding an additional burden in the form of unnecessary noise about our inadequacy makes the task that much harder. This is particularly the case with yin leaders. What is the impact of the noise in our heads as introverts or ambiverts that suggests that we are unqualified or incapable of leading well? Most of us have heard
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FAQs about Yin Leader Workshop

Yin Leader Workshop is a two-day intensive workshop for yin leaders (introverts & ambiverts) aimed at helping them better understand themselves and the misinformation they may have absorbed from the culture around them, begin to identify and work through the impact of the cultural bias, and begin to move toward an authentically yin leader who is comfortable and confident in their own skin. yin: a leader who doesn’t fit the Western extroverted stereotype of leadership, but who leverages an alternative set of competencies and natural talent patterns to lead in a different way As you consider attending or sponsoring someone
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Yin Leadership Development

There is a changing of the guard in the American workplace. Boomers are retiring. Busters remain only a small minority. Millennials are now the majority. Generation 2020 is coming. With the current shift in organizational demographics and leadership, the need for effective leadership development programs has never been greater. Large numbers of emerging leaders are in immediate need of effective training that will equip them to take open leadership chairs much sooner than previous generations. Many of these leadership development programs, however, are ineffective for a number of reasons. They’re too often off-the-shelf canned programs based almost exclusively on classroom
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