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Balanced Leadership: Our Greatest Need

t was 1776, June.  The Continental Congress was scheduled to meet in July to discuss the creation of a document that would explain their rationale for the war to break from British control of the colonies that had begun a year earlier.  This new nation, freshly aware of the downside of a singular leader in King George, convened to discuss the foundation of their new experiment.  Leadership was on their mind. The unofficial leader of the group was John Adams, a lawyer from Massachusetts.  He, along with four others, was placed on the committee to draft the new document.  Everyone initially
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Introvert-Extrovert Continuum

Binary Things (or) Many characteristics of human beings are either-orkinds of distinctions.  We are either male or female.  We are alive or dead.  Many of us talk of introversionor extroversion as if it were a binary thing.  We speak as if people are either one or the other.  Many people are surprised to learn that we even have a term for those in-between, ambiverts.  With this new found knowledge, we then want to divide people into three categories instead of just two. Things on a Continuum Other things are on a continuum (kənˈtinyo͞oəm): n: a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, although
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