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No News Isn’t Always Good News

Published previously on LinkedIn. We have several idioms in English that express the basic sentiment that in the absence of more information people assume the best. “No news is good news” and other similar truisms are only true for maybe 1/3 or less of the population (the optimistic extroverts). What we know about the temperament of different people in the workplace dictates our understanding of this principle. For the outgoing positive extroverts in the office, this is their default setting. With no additional information, they will almost always assume the best. For them, the saying is pretty accurate. But, for
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When Whit Got It

My friend and colleague Whit Mitchell is a wonderful man.  I’m just getting to know him myself but know that if you met him you would immediately like him.  He’s one of those kinds of people.  He is most definitely the life of the party using his high energy and enthusiasm to make any teambuilding session an enjoyable experience.  Whit is an executive coach that works with us as part of our network at Price Associates.  We recently had a retreat for our team.  Whit, as only he could do, adeptly facilitated the “icebreaker” kinds of activities that got people,
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Courageous Introverts

This article originally appeared in the Price Associates magazine. The business and organizational world is reawakening to the value of introverted leaders. In any cultural movement (e.g. the women’s movement of the 20s or the civil rights movement of the 60s), it is required that a few courageous frontrunners step forward breaking the new ground. Existing power structures typically resist these attempts that challenge the status quo. Introverts, unlike extroverts, are dispositionally less comfortable with change, less prone to take risk, and more conflict-avoidant. However, when the present state of affairs creates sufficient internal energy, the requisite moral courage to
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