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Indignity, Indignance, & Introversion

“You need to be funnier.” “You’re just too serious.” These are examples of two cards played against me on significant occasions that led to painful career path alterations. As an introvert and a leader, my journey to self-acceptance and understanding has been winding. In the West, we are taught from a young age that leaders are to be charismatic, loud, highly social, and fast-paced. Introverts living in this biased culture will often experience violations of our inherent dignity. “You’re just not leadership material,” we are told, despite our previous leadership successes. It is only recently that the business world is
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Yin Leadership Challenge: Submissiveness and Passivity

Focusing on our strengths, building on them as opposed to our weaknesses is critical.  I have found by experience, however, that there is a difference between building on strengths and ignoring areas of weakness.  My honest opinion is that we benefit from both building and focusing on strengths and working to minimize obstacles and challenges. One of the most common challenges for more introverted leaders is a tendency toward submissiveness, or even passivity.  In the original theory that underlies the DISC assessment that I use to measure aspects of different behavioral styles, the D and the S were seen by
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Yin Leadership Strength & Challenge: Loyalty

Loyalty is the capacity to stick to and stand by a person, a cause or an organization.  People who are loyal remain committed to people or things in good times and bad.  The opposite of loyalty would be some version of fickleness or fair-weatheredness.  It’s easy to stick with someone or something when things are going well.  But when things get difficult . . .  True loyalty is often very costly.  It frequently involves the willingness to stand by someone at great personal expense.  On the whole, there appears to be a shortage of loyalty today.  Americans, as a whole,
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