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Yin Leadership Challenge: Submissiveness and Passivity

Focusing on our strengths, building on them as opposed to our weaknesses is critical.  I have found by experience, however, that there is a difference between building on strengths and ignoring areas of weakness.  My honest opinion is that we benefit from both building and focusing on strengths and working to minimize obstacles and challenges. One of the most common challenges for more introverted leaders is a tendency toward submissiveness, or even passivity.  In the original theory that underlies the DISC assessment that I use to measure aspects of different behavioral styles, the D and the S were seen by
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Introverted Leaders

This article was posted previously at Price Associates. “Hi, I’m Andy. I’m an introvert.” “Hi, Andy.” So goes the typical introduction at the local support group for non-extroverts. So many of us have, for far too long, considered this aspect of ourselves to be something we would rather keep private (after all, we are introverts) than let it be known to others and bear the brunt of their attempts to fix us (make us more outgoing and extroverted). We sometimes allow others to treat us as if we have a disease. Perhaps we need to rethink our view of this
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Courageous Introverts

This article originally appeared in the Price Associates magazine. The business and organizational world is reawakening to the value of introverted leaders. In any cultural movement (e.g. the women’s movement of the 20s or the civil rights movement of the 60s), it is required that a few courageous frontrunners step forward breaking the new ground. Existing power structures typically resist these attempts that challenge the status quo. Introverts, unlike extroverts, are dispositionally less comfortable with change, less prone to take risk, and more conflict-avoidant. However, when the present state of affairs creates sufficient internal energy, the requisite moral courage to
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