FAQs about Yin Leader Workshop


Yin Leader Workshop is a two-day intensive workshop for yin leaders (introverts & ambiverts) aimed at helping them better understand themselves and the misinformation they may have absorbed from the culture around them, begin to identify and work through the impact of the cultural bias, and begin to move toward an authentically yin leader who is comfortable and confident in their own skin.

yin: a leader who doesn’t fit the Western extroverted stereotype of leadership, but who leverages an alternative set of competencies and natural talent patterns to lead in a different way

As you consider attending or sponsoring someone on your team to attend the next Yin Leader Workshop, here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Why do you call it yin leader workshop?

Yin and yang describe two sides of the balanced leadership needed in most organizations. Most organizations in the West, though, are fairly imbalanced, leaning too much toward yang leadership. Yin and yang is a way to talk about the good of both kinds of leaders in a values-neutral way. Most English words connect too readily to stereotypes. These words borrowed from eastern philosophy help to create a new paradigm that can be filled with truth as opposed to myth.

What outcomes are you looking to achieve?

As a result of this workshop, we’re hoping to create:

  • Increased understanding of self within yin & yang paradigm (behaviors, motivators & gender)
  • Reduced levels of shame (the sense that something is wrong with me) for yin leaders related to their leadership
  • Reduced feelings of isolation by normalizing yin leader experiences in the group and by connecting with others in the same boat
  • Increased understanding of the nature of introversion as a physiological reality
  • Increased levels of yin leadership confidence
  • Increased awareness and appreciation of the benefit of balanced leadership
  • Increased clarity about natural yin talents and strengths
  • Increased connection to yin leader community

We are using pre and post-test assessments to measure progress on these key metrics as a result of the workshop.

What is the format?

It’s a mix of teaching & learning methods & strategies. It includes didactic teaching, discussion, media, creative exercises and more.

What does the workshop include?

The workshop includes all the materials attendees need for both days, a copy of the book to take home as a follow-up, and catered lunch both days. They’ll get a personal Talent Insights Report to use as a key part of a personal development effort following the workshop.

I’m thinking about going or sending someone from my organization, but we’ve already been through DISC and motivators.

The workshop includes behaviors and motivators in the Talent Insights report but includes much more than those. We’ll look at those dimensions of talent in a different way than you’ve seen, through the lens of yin and yang. The new motivators report lends itself to be debriefed in this way.

I’m not sure it’s worth the cost.

You’ll have to do the cost-benefit analysis for each person. But, here’s a hypothetical scenario for you to consider.

  • Assume an employee makes $50,000 per year ($4167/mo.).
  • Due to the impact of the bias around them, their productivity is reduced by 25% (this is a relatively minor impact).
  • So, for $50,000 of salary, the productivity is estimated at $37,500 ($3125/mo.). worth of work.
  • Our minimum goal in this two-day workshop would be to reduce that impact experienced by each employee by at least 25%. This would make the productiveness of this employee more like $40,625 ($3385/mo).
  • The cost of the workshop is $695. Payback in this example would occur in less than 3 months. The rest is gravy!

Still not sure? If you or your employee that attends the workshop feels that you did not receive the value you paid for, we’ll refund your fee.

How is Andy qualified to lead this workshop?

Andy is a certified professional behaviors, motivators, emotional intelligence and HD analyst through TTI Success Insights Inc. He is an executive coach with Price Associates, a licensed counselor (LPC) in the State of Idaho and a PhD candidate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Grand Canyon University. Beyond these, he is an avid reader on all things related to this topic, the author of three books including Introvert Revolution, and an introvert himself who’s personally experienced the things we’re talking about together in the workshop.

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