Myers Briggs?


Recently, one of the leading instruments used in the therapeutic and business communities to determine aspects of temperament (including intraversion-extraversion) has come under fire. For a recent article discussing the credibility of the MBTI (Myers Briggs Temperament Inventory), click here. In our consulting and coaching work with clients, we use the DISC (from TTI Success Insights) to measure similar traits in people. I have long found that the DISC model, with its use of four dimensions of human behavior and related traits provides a much more nuanced as well as a “stickier” model to help people understand themselves and others in teams, when compared with other competing models of human behavior and traits like the MBTI. The DISC model provides you with one of 384 different possible patterns as compared to the MBTI (1 of 16). If you haven’t ever taken the DISC, contact me and I can provide a link for you to take a personal assessment that will generate a 23 page personal report that will give you some amazing insights into yourself (as a quiet leader or not). Step one of becoming the leaders we were meant and designed to be is a greater level of self-understanding. The DISC is a critical part of that journey.

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