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Yin Leadership Strength & Challenge: Loyalty

Loyalty is the capacity to stick to and stand by a person, a cause or an organization.  People who are loyal remain committed to people or things in good times and bad.  The opposite of loyalty would be some version of fickleness or fair-weatheredness.  It’s easy to stick with someone or something when things are going well.  But when things get difficult . . .  True loyalty is often very costly.  It frequently involves the willingness to stand by someone at great personal expense.  On the whole, there appears to be a shortage of loyalty today.  Americans, as a whole,
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Yin Leadership Challenge: Self Acceptance

Carl Rogers built an entire counseling theory on the core human need for self-acceptance. Believing that the rejection that we have experienced from significant others is at the root of our psychological struggle, Rogers set out to give his clients a gift: unconditional positive regard. What we now know is that this aspect of Rogers’ theory is the greatest factor in the therapeutic relationship. Being accepted by others as we are opens the door for us to begin to accept ourselves. I would argue that no greater struggle exists for an introvert than the possession of self-acceptance. Because our nature
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