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What Matters More for Leaders? Charisma or Character?

Originally post at Price Associates blog 10/28/2016. This is an election year. For many Americans, the two remaining presidential choices share a perceived concern that looms large related to personal character, or a potential lack thereof. This likely underlies the largest disapproval ratings of candidates, in both parties, we have ever seen. The political processes we have been following for years, with an emphasis on speeches and debates, most definitely emphasizes charisma, persona, and stage presence. Now, we’ve added social media management to the mix, another platform where candidates can manage their public image. What do any of these tell
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Character Based Leadership

As Susan Cain has well documented, our culture shifted at the turn of the last century away from a culture of character and toward a culture of personality.  Gladly, many thought leaders today are advocating a reversal of that unfortunate shift.  One example is the Lead Change Group, a nonprofit global community that is at the front of this cultural change toward culture-based leadership.  I would concur with their assessment: We need a leadership revolution so that character becomes the top priority in evaluating and developing leaders. If character is going to be our first concern, it will prove helpful
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