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Coming Out of the Closet

Published previously on LinkedIn We store things in closets. They aren’t made for people; they are made for things. Perhaps the reason people are found in closets has to do with the way we have failed to treat them as people and instead have treated them as if they were things. This is yet another aspect of what Simon Sinek calls “the problem of abstraction,” not seeing people as people. I’ve never much liked closets. The closet is a place of darkness, of isolation. There are no windows. It doesn’t necessarily smell good. The air doesn’t move. It doesn’t feel
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A Thought Revolution

Revolution is a term that evokes a reaction.  Our own revolution that secured our independence from the tyranny of King George is a somewhat distant or even nostalgic memory for most of us.  More likely, when we think of revolution, we see it in terms of the more violent revolutions of the last century.  The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was messy.  Castro’s revolt in Cuba was equally bloody.  Other more recent revolutions that reflected higher ideals than these did not come without a high cost either.  The Civil Rights movement in the U.S., though initially and fundamentally a quiet and
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When Whit Got It

My friend and colleague Whit Mitchell is a wonderful man.  I’m just getting to know him myself but know that if you met him you would immediately like him.  He’s one of those kinds of people.  He is most definitely the life of the party using his high energy and enthusiasm to make any teambuilding session an enjoyable experience.  Whit is an executive coach that works with us as part of our network at Price Associates.  We recently had a retreat for our team.  Whit, as only he could do, adeptly facilitated the “icebreaker” kinds of activities that got people,
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