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Who Makes the Best Leaders?

This article was posted previously at Price Associates. Who makes the best leader? Extroverts? Introverts? It depends. According to a 2011 study, “research now suggests that leading in an intraverted manner is a key to success.”1 Context is everything. This statement, according to Adam Grant, University of Pennsylvania, Francesca Gino, Harvard University, and David Hofmann, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is true where employees that work for the introverted leader are proactive. What the study actually concluded was that the superior style of leadership varied according to this key organizational metric. For the more proactive employees, introverted leaders lead
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Introverted Leaders

This article was posted previously at Price Associates. “Hi, I’m Andy. I’m an introvert.” “Hi, Andy.” So goes the typical introduction at the local support group for non-extroverts. So many of us have, for far too long, considered this aspect of ourselves to be something we would rather keep private (after all, we are introverts) than let it be known to others and bear the brunt of their attempts to fix us (make us more outgoing and extroverted). We sometimes allow others to treat us as if we have a disease. Perhaps we need to rethink our view of this
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