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Book Review: The Genius of Opposites

For many years I’ve been advocating for a balance between extroverted and introverted leaders, yang and yin. I’ve been pointing to the synergy that results from these key partnerships where each deeply values the other. Therefore, I was so excited to see Jennifer Kahnweiler’s latest book not only advocating the same thing, but giving practical and helpful advice to both sides of the equation. Her book is a much needed reminder that the best results often arise from a partnership of opposites. She does a great job showing this reality with historical and contemporary examples. She also provides us with
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Introverts: Use Social Media to Up Your Networking Game

By Jennifer Kahnweiler, Ph. D. Jennifer Kahnweiler is one of the leading experts on introverted leadership.  Ironically, she’s an extrovert.  This means that she is dedicating the majority of her life to helping people who are different from her.  As Ben Franklin said, “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”  Jennifer is a great example of an extrovert caring enough to serve introverts in an attempt to help restore balance in the workplace.  Here are some practical tips from Jennifer on leveraging introverted strengths through effective use of social media:
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