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A Thought Revolution

Revolution is a term that evokes a reaction.  Our own revolution that secured our independence from the tyranny of King George is a somewhat distant or even nostalgic memory for most of us.  More likely, when we think of revolution, we see it in terms of the more violent revolutions of the last century.  The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was messy.  Castro’s revolt in Cuba was equally bloody.  Other more recent revolutions that reflected higher ideals than these did not come without a high cost either.  The Civil Rights movement in the U.S., though initially and fundamentally a quiet and
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Why I’m Writing This Blog

The whole subject of introversion is one that I’ve always felt but until recent years had not been able to articulate.  I guess I experienced it, but didn’t have a name for my experience.  One of the typical ways quiet leaders feel this reality is as a vague nagging sense of inadequacy.  It’s not always spoken, though sometimes it is by others and often by us in our own heads.  Whether it’s spoken or not, we feel it.  I have come to understand this as the reality that we feel as a result of being different from the dominant culture
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