A two-day introduction to the beauty and necessity of introverted leadership


Do you ever feel like you’re trying to be somebody else? Are you ready to start leading from your authentic self? Are you a leader that doesn’t fit the extroverted leader stereotype that is prevalent in our culture? Contrary to popular myth, introverted and ambiverted leaders are great leaders. 40% of CEOs are introverts. Many great leaders throughout history have been introverts (Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Moses, Gandhi). The same is true of many current leaders (Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Tony Hseih, Reid Hoffman). In a 2010 study at Wharton Business School, introverted leaders were found to be more effective than extroverted leaders when leading highly proactive teams. And yet, the extrovert bias related to leadership in our society continues. Have you encountered this bias in your spheres of influence?

This two-day lab focuses on the unique challenges yin (introverted and ambiverted) leaders face in an extrovert-biased culture. By participating with a small group of other yin leaders (limit of 16), you’ll have the opportunity to learn, compare notes, and begin to build positive supportive relationships.


  • You’re feeling like your career path or leadership effectiveness is somehow hindered by your temperament.
  • You’re feeling inadequate, misunderstood or marginalized as a leader in your current environment.
  • You’re growingly discontent with the status quo, not willing to just accept the cultural stereotype of leadership or its limitations.
  • You’re tired of trying to be somebody else to be a leader.
  • You’re ready to learn how to lead as your authentic self.

Over half of the population is more introverted than introverted.  Over 40% of CEOs are introverts.  Many of the most widely respected historical leaders were clearly introverted.  In a 2010 study at Wharton Business School, introverted leaders were found to be more effective than extroverted leaders when leading highly proactive teams. This two-day workshop focuses on the unique challenges yin leaders face in the yang-oriented extrovert-biased culture of the West.  By participating with other yin leaders (limit of 16), you’ll have the opportunity to learn, compare notes, and begin to build positive, supportive relationships.

  • "I liked the relaxed, respectful atmosphere. Unpacking the psychological chemical aspects of introverts and extroverts was a particular "aha" moment!"

  • "I liked bouncing ideas off of other introverts and getting their feedback on how they handle situations or have adapted things."

  • "I liked the size of the class - the smaller group was easier for me to open up in."

  • "Small group size, good coverage of introversion/extroversion traits, humor, safety."

  • "Camaraderie, brain science piece of introversion, "history" and significance of introversion, common strategies for struggles"


Location: Boise, Idaho area (Meridian, Idaho)

Date: August 3rd and 4th

Info: Courtyard by Marriot, Meridian, Idaho

Click PDF to download the Workshop Flyer for more information.



This workshop is intentionally limited to yin leaders. (I’m working on a different format for introverts and extroverts together to help increase mutual understanding of each other.) This is just for the introverted side of the equation. (I screen the participants ahead through their DISC assessment results to make sure it’s just yin leaders present.) Participating in this two-day event will give you some valuable tools for better leading authentically as an introvert or ambivert. It will also connect you with other leaders working through similar areas of leadership development. This is intended to be a great first step on a new direction forward leading as the real you, leveraging all of your introverted strengths and abilities.


Andy Johnson is an executive coach that is uniquely equipped to partner with you as a yin leader.  He combines relevant:

  • Experience. He is a yin leader himself and has successfully led organizations, teams and individuals from the first, second or other positions on the org chart.
  • Expertise. Many people are passionate about causes; some go deeper and invest the hard work to make their passion intelligently informed. Andy is a lifelong learner dedicated to deepening his understanding of yin leadership through ongoing research, writing and the preparation of his upcoming dissertation.
  • Empathy. The difficulties of life, if used wisely, help us to deepen our empathy for others. Andy is passionate about helping you become the leader you were meant to be. He’s compassionate toward those who struggle and a patient encourager of those doing the hard work of change.


  • You’ll take a current Talent Insights Assessment (behavioral style & motivators) to see your different aspects of yin or yang in you.

    • Includes the new and improved motivators assessment and new report format (showing yin and yang motivations).

  • You’ll take an online survey looking at current levels of introversion bias and the personal effects of the bias in the culture around you.


  • Intro to the Yin & Yang Paradigm
  • 3 Values-Neutral Dimensions of Yin & Yang (behavioral style, motivators, gender)
  • Yin & Yang Leadership
  • Introversion Explained / Myths Debunked
  • The Path Toward Authentic Leadership
  • The Journey of Leadership Transformation
  • Your Plan of Action
  • Discussion / Questions / Connections Throughout


  • Catered lunch both days
  • 54 page Talent Insights personal report ($155 value)
  • Yin Leader Workshop notebook
  • Hardback copy of Introvert Revolution: Leading Authentically in a World that Says You Can’t ($25 value)


  • Better understand yourself and your natural temperament and drives.
  • Get a more scientific understanding of introversion / extroversion.
  • Begin to feel more validated and empowered (less misunderstood) by normalizing your experiences in comparison to other yin leaders.
  • Connect with other yin leaders (get rid of isolation, aloneness).
  • Get started on a journey of radical self-acceptance, empowerment and leadership authenticity.

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Group Norms

  • Confidentiality
  • Safety & Respect
  • Others?

Introductory Stories

  • Name, Role, Experiences (FORM)
  • My Story

The Yin Yang Paradigm

  • A Balanced World
  • A Dialectic
  • Yin Explained
  • Yang Explained

3 Dimensions of Yin

  • Behavioral Style
  • Workplace Motivators
  • Gender

Yin & Yang Leadership

  • The Impact of the Extrovert Bias
  • The Essence of Leadership
  • The Three Dimensions of Leadership
  • Yang Leadership
  • Yin Leadership



Updates & Review

  • Insights & Takeaways
  • Things Needing Clarification

Introversion Explained / Myths Debunked

  • What Introversion Isn’t

    • Shyness (Quiet)

    • Anti-social tendencies

    • Pathology

  • What It Is

    • Neurological reality

    • sensitivity to stimulation / arousal

    • neural pathways

    • energy management

The Path Toward Authentic Leadership (1 slide each)

(rank your current place on each of these) – Likert scale

  • Cultural: From Bias to Balance
  • Cognitive: From Myth to Truth
  • Experiential: From Neglect to Nurture
  • Social: From Rejection to Acceptance
  • Affective: From Stunted to Emodiversity
  • Identity: From Shame to Love

The Journey of Leadership Transformation

  • Practice Radical Self-Acceptance
  • Reframe Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Embrace Balanced Leadership
  • Lead Authentically

Your Plan of Action

Final Questions / Comments